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Које су области примене термалних папирних налепница?

Велика разлика измеђутермички папирналепнице and coated self-adhesive налепнице is that thermal self-adhesive налепнице do not need to be used together with the ribbon, while ordinary coated self-adhesive налепнице must be used with the ribbon. Together the application areas. At this stage, the термички папирlabel printing in the professional market is generally divided into ordinary thermal sticker and three-proof thermal sticker (waterproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof, and medical alcohol-proof), and the price is also very different.
Термички папирналепнице
Thermal налепнице are more suitable for a variety of industries, such as supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, restaurants, banking, telecommunications networks, medical institutions and small and medium-sized fruit supermarkets. Taking into account that it does not need to be combined with the carbon ribbon in the application field, it is convenient, fast and cost-effective. Generally speaking, the specifications and models of thermal налепнице must be determined according to the application field, with millimeters (mm) as the unit. The more common single-label specifications and models are 32*19, 40*30, 50*30, 60*40, 80*50, 100*80, etc. The minimum width is generally not less than 15mm, and most of the larger widths do not exceed 100mm. , Special specifications and models must be customized, and more commonly used specifications and models can also meet the requirements of daily life application areas. In general, it is closely related to the characteristics of the термички папирsticker. Термички папирналепницеи даље има много предности.